Covid-19 Antibody serological test kit

Back to Work - Testing, Tracking, and Tracing, have healthy workers!  If you are a serious employer contact us directly.   Due to government guidelines we are unable to advertise this Covid-19 product, however we can send you more detailed information and results.


You Are a Pin Prick Away from Knowing You Are Healthy. The Test Kit is avalible in the UK now. Watch the video here 

Accurate Serological test

serological covid19 antibody test

Avalible now in the UK


Entrical is a High-Tech corporation that specialises in the sharing of real-time information and services with Law Enforcement and corporate security—sharing between all agencies the info that every officer knows in real-time. Data is key to all we achieve, and that the dissemination thereof is vital, there is our underlying expertise. 

We are leading in Facial Recognition and Thermal Temperature Scanning Cameras since 2003, working with Ebola and SARS concerns globally. Unfettered access to facilities is no more; we must know who is entering our environment. 

Our clients asked us to research to find a test that gave the ability to verify if a person had COVID-19. If they were negative or positive and if they had the 'antibodies,' which means they are safe and can comingle with those that are negative. It had to be a solution that was as instant as possible. Research is our forte, and as this virus has only been known since January 2020, it is very new and required in-depth verification. There is our expertise in auditing, testing, and enhancing to pivot the solutions within society and business. It is not good enough just testing for positive or negative COVID-19, which is a waste of a test and is not saving the importance of the collected data, or if 'antibodies' are present, which is vital.

Health passport

Test certificate

It is an approved serological test, compiling under the Emergency FDA rules and is producing more than 2 million tests per week and ramping to 5 million or more over the next weeks. Ten million plus is our goal in the short term. It is manufactured in the USA and is not an imported test. Entrical has been involved for the last five weeks in the testing and collection of data in Louisiana testing centres and hospitals and shipped over 2.4 million test kits over the previous weeks. Entrical has now launched globally and introduces how not only we can take America & Great Britain Back to Work, but also to socialise safely, shopping, restaurants, sports events, and where all people gather! The revitalisation of the economy for nations that must make the change. The solution that changes it all.