Facial recognition applications

Public Safety



People today are much more mobile, adding a new layer to how agencies proactively work to keep their citizens safe.

With Ayonix face recognition software, law enforcement and other officials have better tools for monitoring traffic across state, national and international borders, with a faster and more accurate way to identify individuals who might present risks.

These tools also can assist with investigative work, providing important clues and results that allow protection teams to do what they do best.

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Access Control

Access Control


In nearly every industry today, employees are granted specific access to the resources they need to do their job – from databases to workplace locations.

Protecting the integrity of work processes and products means being able to go back and validate what happens at each touchpoint.

With Ayonix face recognition, you can easily grant and rescind designated access to the right individuals at the right time – all with a few simple keystrokes that keep your organization operating efficiently.

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Commerce and Marketing



In a society where instant gratification has become a trademark, why not use that to your market advantage?

The more you connect your existing and prospective customers with you and your products, the more you can grow your business.

The Ayonix platform allows you to use face recognition to help your customers see themselves using your platform, and it also streamlines much of the required verification that can slow down their engagement.

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 Built on advanced mathematical approaches and pattern recognition, our platform offers real-time results that are the fastest and most accurate in the world, according to NIST results. Don't just take our word for it, click below for our free trial of the latest facial recognition algorithm 

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