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Quick deployable Mesh network Rmesh

Authorities and security services need to be able to rely on a functioning infrastructure in every situation. This is especially important when it comes to the disaster or other temporary operations that cannot or do not rely on public communication.The Rmesh family enables the installation and operation of a wireless infrastructure, which can be set up quickly and reliably. The individual stations of the Rmesh family together form a large wireless mesh, which is dynamic and mobile. 

Each new station is automatically integrated into the wireless mesh, provided the correct keys are entered. The communication within the mesh is fully encrypted so that the traffic cannot be overheard or manipulated.The mesh can be connected to the public LTE network by means of a mobile radio interface in order to be connected to the authorities' servers and computers. 

A simple DSL or cable modem allows access to the wired Internet, if this access is available.Within the mesh, the data rate is 450 Mbit / sec over 2km. The stations are used as amplifiers to expand the mesh locally, as well as to provide access to the mesh and the complete network. Access is via LAN interfaces for PC / LAPTOP or Wi-Fi. 

The Wi-Fi interface for all wireless devices makes it especially easy to use the infrastructure of the mesh. When Wi-Fi clients move, they are roamed from one access point to the next, and do not have to re-log themselves all the time.

The stations of the Rmesh family can also move and thus constantly change the structure of the mesh. New paths are automatically searched and found. When new stations are registered this allows better connections, the new connection is recognised and used independently within the mesh. In this case, a mesh does not have to be repeatedly cross-linked, individual chains of Rmesh stations can form in order to reach remote locations. For example, areas with large building shadows that are frequently found in cities, within houses but also in mountain valleys. These can be reached quickly and safely with Rmesh. Using your mobile phone and our wireless mesh networking platform there has never been an easier way to have a secure mobile phone infrastructure. 

The "Wireless Mesh" is an ad hoc and mobile network based on Wi-Fi technology. Each RMesh station serves as a relay point as well as an access point within the mesh. The network can be arbitrarily enlarged and designed redundantly. New RMesh stations are automatically detected and integrated into the network. All user data and communication within the mesh are encrypted. Only devices that know the mesh key can log in, collaborate, and send and receive data. The network can be used as a supply network that is flexible and easy to expand. Hard to reach places are easily accessible through a series of RMesh stations.  


  • Wireless Router / Wireless Switch
  • Full encrypted wireless meshed network
  • 1x mobile uplink (optional)
  • 1x WiFi AP (optional)
  • Battery available (optional) 


Product variants

RMesh Vehicle


 The RMesh Vehicle has the following features:

• WLAN router / WLAN switch

• mobile ad-hoc network (MANET)

• high transmission rate (up to 300 Mbit / s)

• Encrypted and meshed network based on 802.11s

• Additional WiFi access point for connecting mobile devices

• Roaming for mobile devices is supported

• Uplink to public mobile network (2G, 3G, 4G / LTE)

• LAN / WAN Ethernet ports (1000Mbps)

• GNSS support for localization and monitoring



 The RMeshPOE has the following features: 

• WLAN router / WLAN switch 

• mobile ad hoc network (MANET) 

• high transmission rate (up to 300 Mbit / s) 

• Encrypted and meshed network based on 802.11s 

• Additional WiFi access point for connecting mobile devices 

• Roaming for mobile devices is supported 

• Uplink to public mobile network (2G, 3G, 4G / LTE) 

• LAN / WAN Ethernet ports (1000Mbps) w / PoE 

• GNSS support for localization and monitoring

RMesh Compact


 The RMesh Compact has the following features:

• WLAN router / WLAN switch

• mobile ad hoc network (MANET)

• high transmission rate (up to 300 Mbit / s)

• Encrypted and meshed network based on 802.11s

• Power supply via LAN cable (PoE ++) or mains connection

• 4x LAN / WAN Ethernet ports (1000Mbps) w / PoE

• Additional Option w / PoE + (60W)

• Uplink to public mobile network (2G, 3G, 4G / LTE)

• Additional WiFi access point for connecting mobile devices

• IP66 enclosure for adverse environmental conditions

RMesh Graph


The RMesh Graph is a graphical tool to display the communication mesh, the involved mesh nodes and the (wireless) connections between the nodes. The nodes are detected fully automatically and integrated into the graphical representation. The connections and redundancies between the nodes are graphically represented by color and line width so that the connection quality and possible data rate can be easily recognized. The position of the nodes is determined by GNNS, or calculated based on the connection qualities. Location and quality changes are currently being reported and the ad is being updated on a secondary basis. The mesh graph provides a quick overview to dynamically display quality and quantity to the operations management team, helping them with their work.

Via the graph, each node can be selected directly by mouse click to ask for details. Make changes and track conditions.

The representation of the RMesh Graph is calculated on the RMesh node and it does not require any special SW installation on the client PCs or mobile devices. A simple web browser is enough to display the graph.

The above example shows five RMesh stations and their possible connections, as well as the redundancies in the meshed network.



The Power Station RUPS is a state-of-the-art, microprocessor-based device designed for mobile power. You can operate both 230 V AC and 12 V DC consumers. Of course, the Power Station  RUPS is equipped with all the necessary safety features.

The Power Station RUPS has the following features:

• Real 230 V AC 50 Hz sine output voltage

• High efficiency

• Robust, high-quality housing

• Deep discharge protection for 230 V AC and 12 V DC output

• Undervoltage warning via LED display

• Overload shutdown

• Short circuit cut-off for 230 V AC and 12 V DC output

• Temperature protection circuit

• Soft start function




The wireless mesh RMesh technology (mobile router) allows you to build a large, flexible and robust wireless network based on the IEEE802.11s standard. The special protocol allows the combination of many RMesh stations into a meshed (radio) network with redundancy and autonomous pathfinding. The communication and payload traffic within the meshed network is encrypted, and only stations that know the mesh key can join the network and become part of the system.

Any new station that gets within range of the mesh and has the right mesh key installed will automatically be integrated into the system and the possible new paths will be considered for use. When stations disappear from the grid, either due to power failure or too high attenuation, the changed structure of the network is recognized, taken into account and an autonomous realignment is performed. For the preparation of such cases, no alternative routes need to be defined. The network works without external help or interaction - this makes it so robust and flexible.

Each RMesh station also serves as a possible entry point into the mesh. Clients can be connected via various interfaces (WiFi access point, Ethernet with and without PoE). Laptops, mobile phones, cameras etc. as well as entire networks can be connected to the meshed system and use the provided (variable, dynamic) infrastructure.

The mesh may have one or more uplinks (WAN ports) to connect to other systems such as the WWW and allow access to the connected clients. Such WAN port may be an integrated mobile uplink (2G, 3G, 4G) or an Ethernet connection to an external modem / router (DSL, Cable, SATCOM).

The RMesh can be mounted on walls and masts as well as in vehicles (ground, water, air). Special housings are available for the harshest environmental conditions. 

Public Safety - Events


At events, the focus is on the safety of participants and emergency services. Here is a mobile flexible, broadband, secure and ad hoc available communication and data network required. In action, the security forces must be coordinated and purposefully supported. Through an ad-hoc available network can react immediately and reduce the risk as quickly as possible. This meshed network works independently and can be operated at short notice as well as over a longer period of time.

The application shows the surveillance of a larger area via cameras that are located in a mesh network over several  RMeshPOE. Two of the RMeshPOE devices are powered by a power supply (RUPS), which can feed a camera and RMeshPOE for up to 20 hours. The cameras are connected via the PoE interfaces on the RMeshPOE.

Each RMeshPOE has three connections here, so the system works redundantly and is safe from outages. Pictures, data or live streaming is possible via the mesh and reaches the evaluation unit even over several kilometers. AES encryption protects the sensitive data and only reaches the stations that know the mesh key and are part of the system. In the event of a malfunction, the system forms and heals itself. It is also very low-consumption, maintenance-free and noiseless.

Radio over Mesh


The extension of digital and analog radio (radio) over alternative transmission paths offers many possibilities. So it is possible to bypass existing technical obstacles (supply in underground garages, tunnels, etc.) but also the rapid interconnection of radiotelephone systems in a larger network.

The use of the mobile and robust mesh for extension of the radio coverage helps authorities and industry to improve the structure and increase safety in particular areas.

Object - Monitoring


 In addition to many mobile applications of the RMesh family, stationary applications are also a progressive trend. With object monitoring, even remote areas can be accessed via the mesh, even if they are several kilometers away. By using cameras, live images as well as voice data can be sent to a reception point integrated in the mesh and evaluated there. With autonomous pathfinding, the mesh always chooses the best connection in the ratio of bandwidth to signal strength. The failure of links is compensated by the redundant system, without the need for external intervention. Clients who know the mesh key can use this infrastructure and join the mesh. The mesh is secured by AES 256 encryption, which makes the meshed system secure against eavesdropping and protects against espionage. The consumption of the individual  RMeshPOE relay stations is <20W. In addition, the hardware is fanless and maintenance-free. 

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